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Cast Announcement


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Miss Hannigan Courtney Smyth The Boylan Sisters   Danielle Desbois
Oliver Warbucks Michael Young Lara McKinnon
Grace Farrell Jacqui Moore Jessie Martin
Rooster Hannigan David Krause Drake Joel Norman-Hade
Lily St. Regis Christine Daly Mrs Pugh Jill Donnelly
President Roosevelt Andrew McKinnon Star To Be Paola Guerra Marin
Mia Redman Bridie Norman-Hade Caleb Jarcevic Amy Cole
David Stares Poppy Ward Blake Roles Ruby Bingham
Holly Baker Katie Bingham Daryl Chappell Jessica Howell
Kirsten Harkness Abbey Frew Ally Holden Steve Howell
Hannah Gibson Pauline Redman Charlotte Baker Hannah Bingham
Maurice Kerr
Orphan Cast
Cast A Cast B
Annie Willow Ryan-Fuller Annie Phoebe Bourke
Duffy Lizzy Faulkner Duffy Tahlia Facey
Pepper Summer Brydson Pepper Sophie Grigg
Tessie Eames Flynn Tessie Ella Thompson
July Molly Hassett July Mary Hammond
Molly Poppy Davich Molly Amelie Kerr
Kate Chloe Mason Kate Ella McKinnon
Cast A Orphans Cast B Orphans
Charlotte Bixler Charlotte McLaverty Phoebe Billing Abbey Grigg
Summer Bush Holly Meyer Shayarna Ellis-Dowler Giselle O’Connor
Matilda Cox Hannah Robinson Saoirse Rossi Jett Fairless
Bianna Lomulder Annie Sainsbery Tahlia Sanger Daisy Farr
Kirra Strickleton Beaux-Maddison Jones Anna Williams Krystabel Forward

Congratulations to all who auditioned. The standard of performances was extremely impressive!

Show dates listed below.

Friday 1st July, 7:30pm : Gala Night Cast B
Saturday 2nd July, 2:00pm Cast A
Saturday 2nd July, 7:30pm Cast B
Sunday 3rd July, 1:00pm Cast A
Friday 8th July, 2:00pm Cast B
Friday 8th July, 7:30pm Cast A
Saturday 9th July, 2:00pm Cast B
Saturday 9th July, 7:30pm : Closing Night Cast A